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Poverty Alleviation and Vitality Photovoltaic contends - remember Tianzhu Company's ...

Poverty Alleviation and Vitality Photovoltaic contends - remember Tianzhu Company's ...

DATE:2017-03-31 VIEWS:132

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the party and the state have proposed to implement precise poverty alleviation across the country to ensure that all rural poor people will be lifted out of poverty in 2020, and finally realize the Chinese dream of the people of the whole country to enter a comprehensive well-off society. In response to this call, Tianzhu Company followed the policy and kept a close eye on the market, and it started one after another in the fight against poverty.

Just after the Lantern Festival in 2016, under the cordial care of the leaders of Peng and all the leaders of the hospital, Xu Bin, the chairman of the company, led the management team to take the initiative to attack the cities, counties and poverty alleviation offices, and promote the Kaisheng and Tianzhu PV. The advantages. In the face of every market information and every public bidding, General Manager Lu Yufa led everyone to take it seriously; rigorous and meticulous technical solutions, reasonable and accurate quotation, are a thrilling contest, eventually will Taihu County, Huaiyuan County, Wuhe County Guzhen County, Tongcheng City and Hubei Huangshi Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Project received a total of 28.35 MW, signed a contract amount of more than 200 million yuan, and completed the target mission at the beginning of the year!

Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation in Taihu County, Anqing City - the toughest battle

In July 2016, the sun was hot, and all the staff of the Engineering and Technology Department went to the project site. After careful organization, the personnel were divided into groups according to the film. Each group took responsibility and supported each other. The office was set up in the village and town. A thorough and efficient team.

Most of the poor households are located in the depths of the mountains, and the project sites are extremely scattered. Some construction sites have dozens of miles of mountain roads from the accommodation. When the village is not accessible, they can only walk. The village-level power station needs to have a slightly larger level of ground. In order to achieve good power generation, it can only be located on the top of the mountain at an altitude of several hundred meters. When there is no road at the top of the mountain, all the engineering materials can only organize the human shoulder. Pick it up. After the graduation of the 90-year-old college students Lu Zhiming, Wang Yuxiang in the heat of the sun to overcome the physical discomfort after heatstroke, stick to the scene. The 18th bend of the mountain road, the steep slopes and frequent slopes, the sandy soil of the mountainous areas, the mountain collapse often occurs, witnessing the tragic traffic accident on the roadside, the collapse of the mountain a few meters away from each other, always makes people feel worried. However, in the face of the requirements of the project schedule, in the face of the expectation of the villagers to become rich, in the four months, they always insisted on going out early and returning every day, rushing to coordinate the venues among various villages and towns, guiding construction, checking quality and urging. Construction Schedule.

Another feature of the poverty alleviation project is that it involves a wide range of issues, including coordination of poverty alleviation offices, village committees, poor households, construction teams, suppliers, and local power departments. In particular, poor households must do their best to serve them well. During the construction process, some villagers believed that the location of the power station would affect the feng shui and hinder the construction. In the face of such problems, the technicians were bitterly communicating and coordinating, and sometimes they only respected their wishes to relocate. More than four o'clock in the afternoon, a poor household called to reflect that the inverter light installed in the house was not lit. Although it was raining, although the address of this household was relatively remote, the Minister of the project department, Zuo Yuancheng, decided to rush to find the reason. When the problem was solved, it was already dark, and the fellows enthusiastically kept them eating. They refused because they had more important work at night. This kind of dedicated and responsible work attitude touched the fellows. The villagers took an umbrella and walked with a flashlight for half an hour to send them to the road. The nights in the mountain towns are quiet and quiet, but the office of the project department is still very busy. They must summarize the progress of each area on the same day, report to the county poverty alleviation office in time, plan the supply of materials in advance, plan the local power supply department, arrange and network……

In the blink of an eye, the autumn rain that lasted for nearly a month. The mountain road that is so dangerous is becoming more muddy and slippery, and the construction conditions are worse. General Manager Lu Yufa personally visited the project site to stop, meditation before the rain, actively respond, insisted that the rain does not stop, use the intermittent time of rain stop to carry out the installation and installation of components to ensure the completion of the entire project on schedule. In the autumn to winter, the winter fog in the mountains is filled with mountains and winds, but all the staff are still sticking to their posts. It is based on such a great spirit of triumph, such as courage, perseverance, unity, solidarity, perseverance and overcoming difficulties. At the end of 2016, all photovoltaic poverty alleviation power stations in Taihu County were completed on schedule, and “Kaisheng Photovoltaics” distributed in the mountains and mountains was built. Let us pay for this group of hard-working youths - Wang Hao, Li Guang, Xu Wei, Guang Shan Yu, Qin Shengyou!

Zhaosan County's photovoltaic poverty alleviation - the longest battle

At the end of 2015, Huaiyuan County, Guzhen County, Wuhe County, the first phase of the photovoltaic poverty alleviation construction project won the bid, the company set the full force to complete the project ahead of June. With standardized construction management, high-quality engineering quality and considerate service, “Kaisheng Photovoltaic” has left a good reputation in the photovoltaic poverty alleviation work in the three counties of the city. And in July, through the public bidding, the Guzhen and Wuhe Phase II PV poverty alleviation projects were included in the bag, which opened a one-year poverty alleviation battle in the three counties!

43 village-level power stations in Guzhen County and 41 village-level power stations in Wuhe County are required to be completed within three months. However, most of the technicians have already traveled to Taihu Lake. The pressure and difficulties are obvious. Xu Yangyong, the project leader of the left-behind project, has a heavy burden. One person shoulders the operation and management of three county projects. The area is scattered, the project volume is large, the poverty alleviation office is coordinated, the township leaders, the construction team and the power supply company complete the construction, acceptance and grid connection matters. The project documents are compiled and summarized, and the operation and maintenance work of the completed photovoltaic poverty alleviation power station is undertaken. A person, a car, rain or shine, day and night, adhere to the spirit of white plus black, five plus two, hard work, hard work, rushing between the construction sites of various townships and towns. In the end, the construction progress has reached a new high. The photovoltaic poverty alleviation power station of the 25 poverty-stricken villages in Guzhen County basically completed the construction of the main power station within one month and submitted the grid application to the power supply company as scheduled, only to be connected to the grid.

Tongcheng Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation - The new horn has been blown

In the end of November 2016, Tongcheng 2.08MW photovoltaic poverty alleviation project began to invite bids. In the face of another opportunity, the marketing department personnel planned early, analyzed the previous quotations of the opponents, carefully calculated the scores of each category, and strived to achieve self-confidence and ultimately quality. The technical solutions, reasonable prices, and good reputation of Kaisheng Photovoltaic have been recognized by experts. 26 village-level power stations, with a construction period of 70 days, a new challenge, blew the horn of the Tongcheng poverty alleviation project! The two warriors went straight to Taicheng from Taihu Lake and shouldered the project command work. New projects, new starting points, new goals, I believe that based on the previous construction experience, they will not be responsible for the photovoltaic poverty alleviation project to do better! Let Kaisheng PV spread all over Tongcheng.

In 2016, all the staff of Tianzhu will work hard for every beautiful PV poverty alleviation battle! As a strong backing, the Purchasing Department and the Finance Department have consistently overcome all difficulties and solved all problems arising in various projects. Performance bond, bid bond, and purchase of raw materials once made the finance minister unable to do anything. However, with the support of the leaders of the hospital, with the joint efforts of all parties, the difficulties of funding shortage were finally solved, and the project was smoothly implemented.

Tianzhu Qingtian, light sprinkling folk, the future years, Tianzhu team will continue to adhere to the fine work style, carry forward the spirit of the Long March, which is not afraid of difficulties and never give up, contribute to the national poverty alleviation work, and contribute to the prosperity of Kaisheng Photovoltaic. force.