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Anhui Tianzhu Party Branch February Party Study

Anhui Tianzhu Party Branch February Party Study

DATE:2018-02-28 VIEWS:120

Theme: Study the 19th Party Constitution

On February 28th, Zhang Jing led everyone to learn the 19th Party Constitution in accordance with the major innovation development chapter of the 19th Party Constitution in the book of the 19th Party Congress.

Significance: A milestone in the history of party constitution construction

Revise the principle: adhere to the guidance of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thinking of the "Three Represents", and the scientific development concept, and thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech and the new ideas, new ideas and new strategies of governing the country. Write the major theoretical views and major strategic ideas established by the party's 19th National Congress report into the party constitution.

To sum up, the innovation and development of the 19th Party Constitution is mainly in nine aspects.

1. Write Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics into the party constitution and establish it as the guiding ideology of the whole party.

Second, enrich the content of the root causes of all achievements and progress since the reform and opening up. Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the most lively Marxism in contemporary China. In the general outline of the 19th Party Constitution, the development of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics has opened up the socialist road with Chinese characteristics, formed the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and established a socialist system with Chinese characteristics. We have achieved all achievements since the reform and opening up. And the root cause of progress. At the same time, he added four self-confidence, "two hundred years" struggle goals, and realized the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Third, adjust and enrich the content of the primary stage of socialism.

The main contradictions in our society have been transformed into contradictions between the people’s growing needs for a better life and the development of inadequate imbalances. It has added the need to adhere to the people-centered development thinking, the five development concepts, four comprehensive, and two hundred years.

Fourth, enrich and improve the party's basic line.

The final sentence of the basic line of the party's general line is expressed as: Struggling to build China into a prosperous, strong, democratic, civilized, harmonious and beautiful socialist country. In the general outline, the author added: implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, rural revitalization strategy, regional coordinated development strategy, military-civilian integration development strategy, and give full play to the role of innovation as the leading force for development.

V. Enrich the content of economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, and ecological civilization construction.

Added: Promote structural reforms on the supply side and build a world power. Revise the sound socialist democracy and the rule of law into a socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics. Add and nurture and practice the core values of socialism. Additions continue to enhance the sense of gain of the people. Adding green water to the green hill is the consciousness of Jinshan Yinshan.

6. Enrich the content of national defense and army building, ethnic relations, united front, and diplomacy. The Communist Party of China adheres to the absolute leadership of the People's Liberation Army and other people's armed forces. Add the thought of Xi Jinping's strong army. Adding the correct concept of righteousness and benefit, promoting the building of a community of human destiny, following the principle of building, sharing, and sharing, and promoting the construction of the “Belt and Road”.

7. Adjust and enrich the content of the overall requirements of the party's construction.

It is clearly pointed out that the party must adhere to the party and comprehensively and strictly manage the party. Strengthen the party's long-term ability to govern. Put political construction and discipline construction into the overall layout of party building. Add content that continuously enhances self-purification, self-improvement, self-innovation, and self-improvement.

8. Write Xi Jinping's important thoughts on party leadership into the party constitution.

The leadership of the Communist Party of China is the most essential feature of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the greatest advantage of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics.

9. Appropriate changes have been made to the provisions of the articles.