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Anhui Tianzhu Party Branch March Branch Conference

Anhui Tianzhu Party Branch March Branch Conference

DATE:2018-03-27 VIEWS:119

Theme: Learning the Party Constitution Construction Process

On March 27th, Zhang Jing gave a lecture entitled "Learn the Party Constitution Construction Process and Feel the Glorious Struggle of the Party". After the lecture, everyone actively and enthusiastically spoke.

Zhang Jing: In the course of studying the party's construction process, I am amazed at the vitality and combat effectiveness of our party. From the initial 40 party members to today's 89 million party members, let me have new to our party. I am also deeply aware that our party's construction process is the process of our country's continuous growth, improvement, innovation and prosperity.

Zhang Yuewu: This study not only began to understand the background of the party building, but also learned the domestic and international background of the party 10 years before its establishment, so that we can more clearly recognize that the party was founded when China was in danger. It is the road to the survival of the Chinese nation and the choice of history. Through the combing of the national congresses of previous parties, let us clearly understand the party history and enhance the necessity of learning.

Dong Qingguo: The history of the construction of the party constitution is the history of the Chinese Communist Party's struggle. The Chinese Communist Party's ability to learn and correct errors has been continuously improved, which is in line with domestic and international conditions and is more conducive to the development of economic construction. The revision of the Party Constitution by the 19th National Congress reflects the continuous improvement of the party's own capacity building, especially the establishment of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and the conclusion that the main contradictions of society have changed. Innovation has enriched the party's theory and enhanced the guiding significance.

Zhang Hongyang: The Chinese Communist Party has changed from the beginning to the end, from the small to the big, from the revolution to the ruling. Even if it makes mistakes, it will correct it in time, absorb the essence, go to its dregs, and grow stronger. Since the beginning of the 13th Party Congress, the Chinese Communist Party has worked hard to develop economic construction and clearly set its development goals in the direction that other parties, especially Western parties, do not have.

Li Hu: We need to recall the sweetness of thinking. The Communist Party of China is responsible for the development process from its establishment to the present, and the road is difficult. When I visited the Martyrs Memorial Hall, I was shocked by the visionary, firm beliefs of the martyrs and the age at the time of their sacrifice. It was the progressive young people who came to study at that time that brought new ideas and promoted the development of the Communist Party in China. As a young political party, it has taken a detour in the development process, can correct it in time, and recognize the direction. The current Chinese Communist Party is more capable of achieving its goals. It is a team with strong vitality and rapid growth.

Liu Yujun: After listening to the party history, I found that my understanding of the Chinese Communist Party is not deep enough. I must strengthen my studies and strengthen my beliefs. The more difficult it is, the more I must exercise myself.

Gao Yi: Since the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Communist Party of China has become a party that has been advancing with the times and seeking truth from facts. The key to a political party is to be people-oriented and conform to the people. The process of building the party constitution is a gradual strengthening of our party and our country, and it is also a historical testimony of our realization of national independence and the enhancement of national self-confidence.