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Anhui Tianzhu Party Branch May Branch Conference

Anhui Tianzhu Party Branch May Branch Conference

DATE:2018-05-23 VIEWS:109

Anhui Tianzhu Party Branch May Branch Conference Time: May 23

Theme of the conference: a meeting to select outstanding Communist Party members and development party members in this branch

Notice of the Party Committee of Gao Yi's Reading Academy on the Implementation of the Advanced Grassroots Party Organization, Excellent Communist Party Members, and Outstanding Party Workers of the China Building Materials and Glass Industry Design Institute, Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Development of Party Members in 2018

Zhang Jing: In the light of the development of party members in this party branch, I gave a report to you, introducing the investigations of the party activist Li Hu and personal performance. I introduced the work done by the branch in the notice last year. Please discuss and recommend it.

Everyone spoke enthusiastically and each expressed their own opinions and opinions. Finally, everyone unified their thoughts and unanimously agreed to apply for the application of the advanced grassroots party organization of the branch. Comrade Zhang Yuewu is recommended as an outstanding Communist Party member. I agreed to develop Comrade Li Hu as a probationary member.