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Anhui Tianzhu Party Branch June Democratic Life Meeting

Anhui Tianzhu Party Branch June Democratic Life Meeting

DATE:2018-06-15 VIEWS:138

On June 15, Secretary Zhang Jing presided over the meeting and announced that according to the work arrangement, the party members of the Party branch were organized today to organize life meetings.

Democratic life will be an important part of the political life within the party. It is also the main way to carry forward the inner-party democracy, strengthen inner-party supervision, and rely on the strength of party members to resolve contradictions and problems. Through criticism and self-criticism, party members must be strong around political functions? "Four consciousnesses" are not strong enough? Is there "four self-confidence"? The work style is not true? Is it working well? Self-requirement is not strict? In several aspects, I will thoroughly analyze myself and find problems in order to better improve myself.

According to the requirements of the meeting, we open criticism and self-criticism and demand that every comrade speak.

Zhang Jing concluded: Today's organizational life will be very good. Everyone can speak freely, openly and honestly carry out criticism and self-criticism, calm down and reflect on themselves, calm down and listen to the criticisms of comrades. This is the progress of each of us. It is all helpful, and it will guarantee the role of the vanguard and vanguard role of the party members in the future.

In addition, it is important to emphasize that we must always keep a clear head, do not violate the eight central regulations, maintain integrity and self-discipline, and always bear in mind that building party style and clean government is the focus of our party branch work.