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Party Member Day in February

Party Member Day in February

DATE:2018-02-26 VIEWS:119

Theme: "Reading Sharing Session"

On February 26, 2018, the party committee recommended the party members to read the book of Xi Jinping's Seven Years of Educated Youth, and some comrades circulated the book.

At the book sharing session, Comrade Zhang Jing shared the contents of this book with you. The 7-year-old educated youth is the most important stage in Xi Jinping's life. This stage has played a vital role in his overall growth, maturity and success. He has been struggling for hard work, self-improvement, and hard work for the past seven years. He is not willing to live a quiet life. He believes that people must live a life, do a career, and make a difference in "cultivating Qi Zhiping". This is the internal cause of his growth; It is an external factor. Such as the training of party organizations, the influence of family and the environment, the care of the hometown of northern Shaanxi, and so on. Everyone has had a lively discussion.