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Party Member Day in April

Party Member Day in April

DATE:2018-04-09 VIEWS:129

Theme: "Looking at raising the flag and enhancing patriotic education"

On April 9, Comrade Li Hu went to Beijing on a business trip. Entrusted by the party branch, he and the next morning at 5 am, rushed to Tiananmen Square to watch the flag-raising ceremony. He broadcasted the entire flag-raising ceremony in the party branch group by means of live video streaming.

Other party members watched online at their homes. The passionate national anthem is played, the five-star red flag is rising slowly against the rising sun. Everyone is full of blood and passion, let us deeply feel the greatness of the motherland and the pride of being a Chinese. The five-star red flag witnessed the glorious course of China and witnessed the prosperity and strength of the Chinese nation. We bless the great motherland.