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Peng Shou meets with guests from Germany North Germany group

Peng Shou meets with guests from Germany North Germany group

DATE:2018-08-31 VIEWS:43

On the morning of August 30, Peng Shou, president of China Building Materials Co., Ltd. and chairman of Kaisheng Technology Group, met with Dr. Dirk Stenkamp, chairman of the board of directors of Germany North Germany Group, and his delegation at the headquarters of Kaisheng Group in Beijing.

The two sides exchanged in-depth views on cooperation in the field of business and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. In the future, the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages and carry out all-round and multi-level cooperation, especially in the photovoltaic field represented by thin-film solar energy, to promote the development of related technologies and research, new standards of photovoltaic modules, testing and certification of new products and market access standards, and to create a mutually beneficial and win-win strategic combination for sustainable development. Partnership will help Kasen group build a new generation of high-end brand of thin film solar cells.

During the talks, Dr. Dirk Stenkamp issued a power test certificate for CdTe thin film modules for Chengdu Central Building Materials Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd.

Tang Li-wei, Vice General Manager and Chief Accountant of Kaisheng Technology, Zhang Hao, Minister of International Cooperation of Kaisheng Technology, Zhang Jinshu, Vice Minister of Investment and Development, Yin Xinjian, Deputy Engineer of China Building Materials Engineering Group, Ren Jun, CEO of Asia-Pacific Group of Germany and Chairman of Greater China Region, Xu Tingting and Fan Jiangfeng, Vice President of Greater China Region I attended the meeting.