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Conch group leads Bengbu Research Institute

Conch group leads Bengbu Research Institute

DATE:2018-09-06 VIEWS:398


On September 4, Ding Feng, chief economist and Deputy accountant of Conch Group, investigated into the Bengbu Glass Industrial Design and Research Institute of China Building Materials, and was entrusted by Peng Shou, chairman of Kaisheng Technology Group Co., Ltd. and President of Bengbu Institute of Technology. Ma Liyun, executive vice president, warmly received the guests of Conch Group.

Ding Feng and his delegation visited Kaisheng Photovoltaic Material Co., Ltd., China Glass New Material Science and Technology Industrial Park and State Key Laboratory of Float Glass Technology. During the visit, Ding Feng had a thorough and detailed understanding of Kaisheng Group's research and development, engineering services, market distribution, emerging industries, etc. He also expressed his admiration for Bengbu Institute's scientific and technological innovation leading to a qualitative leap in China's glass industry.


During the symposium, Ma Liyun introduced the R&D, production and application of Cu-in-Ga-Se thin film solar module and CdTe thin film solar module around the new energy plate. Ding Feng introduced the development status of Conch Group in the field of new energy, saying that Conch Group is very willing to cooperate with Bengbu Institute in the field of new energy.

Lu Shumin, Vice Minister of Strategic Planning of Conch Group, Yang Shuquan, Assistant General Manager of Conch New Energy Company, Xingyi, Assistant Minister of Asset Management of Conch Investment Company, Yin Xinjian, Deputy Engineer of China Building Materials International Engineering Group Co., Ltd., and Pan Jingong, General Manager of Chengdu China Building Materials Optical and Electrical Materials Co., Ltd. accompanied the investigation.