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Anhui Tianzhu Party Branch held a meeting of democratic appraisal party members

Anhui Tianzhu Party Branch held a meeting of democratic appraisal party members

DATE:2018-01-22 VIEWS:130

On January 22nd, according to the work plan of the “Notice on Seriously Opening the 2017 Democratic Appraisal of Party Members” issued by the Party Committee of China Building Materials Institute, Anhui Tianzhu Party Branch held a branch meeting to carry out democratic appraisal of party members. Xu Bin, member of the party committee and dean of the brothel, attended the meeting and invited the company's leaders and middle-level cadres and employee representatives to participate in the deliberation. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Jing, secretary of the branch.

Comrade Zhang Jing read the contents of the "Notice" and conveyed the requirements, principles, methods and standards of the democratic appraisal work. He emphasized that criticizing and self-criticism should help each other, supervise each other, sum up experience and unify thoughts. After that, everyone brought together the seventh chapter of the 19th Party Constitution, "Party Discipline", and should use the "four forms" of supervision: biting ears, pulling sleeves, red face and sweating. It is necessary to punish the front and back, cure the disease, save the people, grasp the small, prevent the micro-duration, and uphold the party's leadership over all work.

Each party member carefully studied the documents and read out their respective summaries. In the party members' mutual evaluation, each party member earnestly criticized and criticized himself in a responsible attitude toward himself and others.

Invited leaders and company colleagues also commented on the evaluated comrades in a realistic manner, helping party members and comrades to better understand their own deficiencies.

Through this democratic appraisal, the connection and communication between party members has been strengthened, and the cohesiveness of party branches in the masses has also been consolidated. Members of the party also have specific driving forces and improvement goals in the new year.

After the meeting, the branch committee formed a branch opinion based on the statistical results and publicly notified the evaluation results in a timely manner. And reported to the upper party committee.

After the Democratic Council, the arrangements and requirements for the work of the branch will be held immediately. Organizing Committee Gao Yi informed the party members of the annual branch organization life meeting plan. Zhang Jing, the branch secretary, made a request for the work of the branch.

In the new year, the party branch must conscientiously implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress, strengthen the party's leadership, standardize the political life within the party, adhere to the "two-school, one-do" institutionalized, normalized learning and education activities, and carry out a variety of branch activities. Party members and comrades must always maintain their advanced nature and purity, and must be honest and self-disciplined. In life and work, don't use their rights for personal gain, and don't touch the red line of the bottom line. Always put the work of building a clean and honest government on the mind and do "four lectures." Four have qualified members.