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March Party Activity Day

March Party Activity Day

DATE:2018-03-03 VIEWS:39

Theme: Watch the documentary "Awesome, My Country"

On the afternoon of March 3, China Building Materials Glass Industrial Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. organized a total of more than 300 party members and some employees to watch the documentary movie "Awesome, My Country". The film shows the motherland through real records. The greatness and prosperity of the country will inspire the patriotism of the Chinese people, and implement the patriotism as the responsibility of dedication and dedication, and invest in every job in a better state.

Anhui Tianzhu Party Branch organized all party members and party members to participate in the movie, and exchanged after watching the movie. They all expressed that they were shocked by the achievements of the countries in the documentary. At the same time, they were full of the development of our party and the motherland. Confidence and enthusiasm, we believe that as long as we work together and work hard, China's future will be more brilliant!